Thank You for Wanting to Learn More....

Would you be interested in helping us out in managing the Lost Pets of Omaha Area page?

More people continue to follow and benefit from our page. We have over 57,000 followers and thousands of pets reunited as a result. We take great pride in keeping a very up-to-date, safe, judgment-free place to interact. It is one of the many reasons our page has grown and sets us apart from other pages. And, we have tried hard to be responsive to requests for posting. However, as page interactions have grown, we need to be even more responsive.

Volunteer Duties:

  • Respond to Facebook messages that request posting of lost, found or wandering pets.
  • Gather the required information needed to create a useful post on the page.
  • Copy the information and photos provided.
  • Do basic photo cropping or editing if necessary.
  • Post the information to our Facebook page.
  • Update the post, as information comes in, to keep the post current.
  • Review comments on posts to keep things polite and respectful, moderating as needed.
  • When possible, match up lost and found posts, contacting the possible owner.
  • Provide information we have available that will help owners and finders.
  • Provide encouragement. A missing pet is an emotional time.
  • Cover one or more 2-hour shifts. (maximum of 4) 

Volunteer Skills Needed:  (Don’t worry, we can help you to learn if interested)

  • Have the free time to focus on the page. The work volume can get stressful. Ask for backup and relief if needed.
  • Love pets and helping pets find their way home.
  • Have great empathy for those contacting the page that are stressed out by a missing pet.
  • Be responsive to requests for posts.
  • Have basic Facebook skills such as posting and editing.
  • Have basic Facebook Messenger skills.
  • Have the ability to create/copy/cut/paste text.
  • Can do very basic photo cropping and editing.
  • Posting work can be done on a desktop PC or Mac, any kind of tablet or smart phone.
  • Openly communicates with the other page facilitators.
  • Keeps commitments. 
  • Works well with other page facilitators so as to present a single point of contact to requests.
  • Listens and follows direction from the page administrator.
  • We highly value our working relationship with the Nebraska Humane Society. We ask that our volunteers learn, respect and fully comply with their guidelines.
  • Have the ability to comfortably and kindly handle rudeness and conflicts that rarely but inevitably arise when you have over 57,000 people interacting with the page.
  • Is open to new ideas, change and contributes to those ideas.
  • Learns, respects and complies with our page content guidelines that we will provide.

Still Interested?

We have broken up the week in 7 two-hour shifts each day for a total of 49 shifts. Some moderators do a single 2-hour shift. Some of our moderators do 8 hours a week (which is too much).  Right now, we REALLY, REALLY need help with:

  • Sunday; Noon to 2PM
  • Sunday; 8pm to 10 PM
  • Monday; 2PM to 4PM
  • Tuesday; 8PM to 10PM
  • Friday; 2PM to 4PM
  • Friday; 4PM to 6PM
  • Friday; 6PM to 8PM
  • Friday; 8PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday; Noon to 2PM
  • Saturday; 2PM to 4PM
  • Saturday: 4PM to 6PM
  • Saturday; 6PM to 8PM
  • Saturday; 8PM to 10 PM

If You Would Like to Sign Up to Help.. please fill out the following to send your information