I Spotted a Stray Pet Wandering

#1: Request a "Wandering Post" on The Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook Page

If you have seen a wandering or deceased pet. 

If you have not yet done so, send us the following information via Facebook Messenger using the button below to request a post. 

  • State that your post request is for a WANDERING (or DECEASED) pet.
  • Where was the pet last seen? (Use closest cross streets / intersection).
  • Description or comments that you want to include.
  • No phone number is required.
  • A photo is not required, but is helpful if you can SAFELY get one.
The next button (below) will open a new tab containing Facebook Messenger. Once you finish your post request come back here to this page

#2 Contact Your Local Animal Shelter

If the pet appears to be dangerous, or running in traffic, or deceased, definitely contact your local animal shelter.  If you see a pet wandering around, you can also report it, but wandering pets are a lower priority than emergencies.  NHS is 402-444-7800 ext. 1.   Midlands is 712-328-4650