Search Tips

• Make a lost or found report with your local animal shelter and check there IN PERSON every other day. Do not depend on just calling. People may describe a pet differently than you would describe it. The only way to be sure is to go in person.
• Many shelters only hold found pets for 3-5 days before adopting them out (if it’s a pet you found take it to any vet or Petsmart, they will scan for a microchip at no cost).
• Get fliers out asap
• Stop any drivers (UPS, mail carrier, school bus drivers, etc.) in your area, many of them have been very helpful at watching while on their routes
• Tell near by groomers, vet clinics, doggie day cares, boarding kennels. Many people take a found pet to these places
• Post on your neighborhood page like NextDoor if you have one

• Place a piece of your worn, unlaundered clothing and a bed or blanket of the pet’s outside where lost ( these are “scent articles”). Dogs can detect familiar scents from a great distance.
• Dogs tend to follow creeks and railroad tracks, when possible, so look for those spots

• NEVER CHASE A LOOSE PET! They are scared and quite often will even run from their owners. Chasing can cause them to run in to traffic getting injured or killed. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen.. all because people think they can catch a pet by chasing it.
• DO NOT look straight in their eyes. Look off to the side.
• SIT ON THE GROUND. This is less threatening to a pet. Many will come to you slowly if you are calm and quiet.
• HAVE SMELLY FOOD WITH YOU. Hot chicken works great. The smell carries well. Toss small pieces towards the pet, making each piece land closer to you.
• MAKE A LEASH IN TO A SLIP LEAD. Take the clasp end and place it through their leash handle making a loop that can be placed over the pet’s head. Once over the head you can quickly pull the leash and make it tight so pet is secure.

• Place used litter box outside, cats can detect their own scent from great distances

• Thoroughly search your house. Cats are great at hiding. Many cats are report as found.. in their own house
• Look late at night ( after 10 PM) since cats wander more when there is less noise
• Shine a flashlight while looking at night it may catch the cat’s eyes. Look in storm drains, under sheds, cars, bushes and porches.
• Shake a package of treats while calling the cat’s name.
• Leave your garage door up 5″ and leave food and water out.

• Leave its cage outside with food inside it

NOTE: if you live in the city limits of Omaha ALL found animals MUST be reported to NHS ( Nebraska Humane Society) 402-444-7800 ext 1. You may keep a found pet at your home while searching for owner but you MUST have a found report filed with Nebraska Humane Society. If keeping the pet at your home you have to hold it for 30 days before keeping it as your own or finding it a home. If you can not hold it that long it MUST be turned over to NHS.
DO YOU KNOW…. It is illegal in most states to keep a found pet without doing everything possible to find its home? Pets are considered property and you can be charged if you keep one. Think about how you would feel if your loved pet was lost and the person who found it decided to do that.
• Most shelters only hold found pets for a few days before adopting them out so be sure to check IN PERSON at least every other day
• Each shelter has specific requirements regarding found pets so if you are not in the boundaries of Nebraska Humane Society’s area be sure to check with your local shelter for their rules.
• If you can not hold it for 30 days you MUST turn it over to NHS.
• ALSO…PLEASE CONSIDER MICROCHIPPING YOUR PET!! And be sure to register the chip at the time it is placed in your pet. An unregistered chip does no good for reuniting the pet. Many shelters return a chipped pet free. Vet clinics, groomers and many large pet stores can scan for a chip. If someone finds your pet it can be such a short time to be reunited if they are chipped.