How to Post Lost or Found Pets Without a Phone Number

Phone numbers are an easy and fast way to get owners and finders in contact. But, scammers troll open pages like our Facebook page to find phone numbers so they can take advantage of people who may be emotional and not being as cautious as normal. See our Scam page on a few of the types of scams being seen from our page lately. 

It is totally optional to ask us to post your phone number in your post. Just be cautious. But it can be almost as easy to post a lost or found pet without using a phone number.  Just follow these steps:

We encourage you to try Facebook Messenger instead. The following works for both Lost & Found posts.

• If you ask us to post a lost or found pet, you will need to watch the comments closely.
• If somebody needs to contact you (the post owner) they should comment on the post as to why and add “Please Message Me”.

• When the post owner sees that request, they will use the message button under the comment to respond to the comment (circled in red above). It will open a chat session with the person commenting (in the example above… John Doe)
• The person commenting should then watch their messages because they asked to be messaged. Messages won’t always show up in your usual chat area. Usually, you have to look in “Message Requests”.  You will find Message Requests when you open up your Messenger. You’ll have to search a bit. Look for the 3 dots on your browser based Messenger. Click on it to see message Requests. On Mobile devices, find Message Requests will be different. On Android, when you are on the chat page, click on your profile icon in the upper right to get to the requests page.