What Will it Cost to Get my Pet at NHS?

The following is a summary of fees that might be charged if your pet is picked up by the Nebraska Humane Society.  It should be noted that if your pet is microchipped and the registration is current, an NHS Animal Control Officer  ***may*** just return the dog home (not a guarantee).

There are three categories of fees that, when added together, can often get very expensive.

Boarding Fees: These are $16 per day (in the year 2022).

License Fees: If your pet is picked up and not licensed, you must license the pet before it will be released. How much does it cost to license my pet?

     Dog License Fees: $52.25 Intact/ $27.25 altered*

Cat License Fees: Mini Pig Licensing Fees: $52.25 Intact/ $14.25 Altered* $35

*Veterinary proof of spay/neuter is required to license at the lower rate.

Impound Fees:  These are set by the City of Omaha (Not NHS). The following impound fees are found on the Omaha Municipal Code website:

Sec. 6-50. – Fees.
The following fees shall be charged for the impoundment of any animal under the provisions of this article:

Altered animals:

(a)First redemption …..$ 35.00(b)Second redemption …..70.00
Within 24 months of the first redemption

(c)Third redemption …..140.00
Within 24 months of the first redemption

(d)Subsequent redemptions …..+$50.00
Unaltered animals:

(a)First redemption …..$ 100.00(b)Second redemption …..300.00
Within 24 months of the first redemption

(c)Third or any subsequent redemption …..600.00
Within 24 months of the first redemption

Provided, that if proof of sterilization and microchipping is presented to the animal control authority within 90 days of the date of redemption of an unaltered animal, the fee will be reimbursed as follows:

(a)First redemption …..$ 65.00(b)Second redemption …..230.00(c)Third redemption …..460.00
Whenever any animal is impounded, an additional fee shall be charged for each day, or fraction thereof, of impoundment for feeding and caring for such animal. Such additional fee shall be pursuant to a schedule of fees provided by the animal control authority and approved by the chief of police.

Provided, that if at the time of impoundment, the owner holds a valid breeders permit, the charge shall be the same as an altered animal.

(Ord. No. 36463, § 2, 12-16-03; Ord. No. 38257, § 2, 9-30-08; Ord. No. 38867, § 1, 11-2-10)

Sec. 6-51. – Return of licensed and vaccinated dog, cat or mini-pig to owner.
The authority may return any currently licensed dog, cat or mini-pig to the owner thereof if the owner may be immediately ascertained and found and if it is the first offense during the current licensing year; provided that owner shall sign a receipt for said animal and that such animal is currently vaccinated against rabies, or otherwise properly vaccinated as required by this chapter.

(Ord. No. 36463, § 2, 12-16-03)

Sec. 6-52. – Return of unlicensed and unvaccinated dog, cat or mini-pig to owner.
Any unvaccinated dog, cat or mini-pig may be reclaimed by its owner during the period of impoundment by payment of prescribed shelter fees and by complying with the licensing and rabies vaccination requirement or other vaccination requirement of this chapter within 72 hours of release.

(Ord. No. 36463, § 2, 12-16-03)