Found a Pet

#1: Request a "Found Post" on The Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook Page

This page has links to the Nebraska Humane Society FOUND pet page.  It also has other places in which you may want to post the pet.


If you have not yet done so, please send this information to us via Facebook Messenger using the button below

  • State that your post request is for a FOUND pet.
  • Where is the pet being held? (Use closest cross streets / intersection).
  • Description or comments that you want to include.
  • Decide how you want to be contacted. Phone numbers or using Facebook Messenger.
  • Have a clear photo if a FOUND pet. 
The next button (below) will open a new tab containing Facebook Messenger. Once you finish your post request come back here to this page

#2 Contact Your Local Animal Shelter

When a person has lost a pet, many times the first thing that comes to mind is to contact their local animal shelter. If you file a “Found Pet” report with them, they will have a record in the event that somebody contacts them looking for their lost pet. For the Omaha, Nebraska and surround areas, contact the Nebraska Humane Society. For the Council Bluffs area, contact the Midlands Humane Society.

#3 Other Places to Post

Many people have started their own Facebook lost pet pages. Although that may result in more visibility, it more than often leads to confusion. People will post their pets as lost on one page. A person who finds a pet, may not know about that page and will post on a page that they know about. For maximum visibility, remember that Lost Pets of Omaha Area has 60,000 followers. 

There are several other commercial sites that you can search such as NextDoor, 24PetConnect, PawBoost, Petco Love Lost

The other local Facebook pages have far fewer followers:

    • Omaha, NE – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets (12k)
    • Omaha, NE Lost & Found Pets – Dogs / Cats (862)
    • Council Bluffs Lost & Found pets (6.8k)
    • Council Bluffs, IA Lost & Found Pets – Dogs / Cats (1k)
    • Omaha Lost Pets (16k)
    • Omaha we found your pet blog (214)
    • Lost Pets of Omaha Area (60k)
    • Lost Pets of Bellevue, Nebraska (8.5k)
    • Missing Pets Of Council Bluffs/Omaha Areas (11k)
    • Nebraska – Lost and Found Pets (15k)
    • Lost and Found Or needing a home in CB/Omaha area (5.4k)
    • Lost And Found Pets Ralston Lavista Papillion (2.6k)
    • More seem to be added every day… so search on Facebook

Please keep in mind that if you find a pet, don’t assume it has been abandoned or abused. Often, pets are missing for extended periods of time and may appear neglected or scared. Many animals now have a microchip implanted under the skin that is a permanent form of identification. This unique number can be read wiht a microchip scanner. The Humane Society, veterinarian offices, and PetsMarts can scan for you. Also, you can message us on our Facebook page to request one of our network of volunteer microchip scanners to meet you to scan for a chip. (Day-time hours only, and depending on availability) 

*DO NOT EVER groom a found pet (other than a bath if it’s extremely dirty or smelly). There have been cases where the pet had obviously been neglected. NHS needs their own photos of that neglect. If you cut its hair, trim its nails, etc., that can destroy needed proof of the condition it was found in. NHS needs to be who takes evidence photos and physically sees its condition. You taking photos then grooming does not have the same affect if a case needs to be brought against the owner. AGAIN… PHOTOS NEED TO BE TAKEN AND THE PET’S FOUND CONDITION NEEDS TO BE PHYSICALLY SEEN BY NHS!!