Financials and Annual Reports

As a 501c3 charitable organization, we are required to be transparent regarding our finances. We must make regular corporate filings with the State of Nebraska. We must file annual forms with the IRS. Also, as a 501c3 organization, donations to us may be tax deductible (depending on your tax situation). Corporations that do matching gifts also require that an organization maintain their 501c3 status in good standing.

We often get asked, “Why does “just a Facebook page” need donations?” To begin to answer that, it is necessary to understand that we are not “just a Facebook page”. Lost Pets of Omaha Area also purchases and maintains live traps, we hand out cards with our phone number during searches, we purchase and maintain chip scanners,  we maintain our trail cam and pay for its monthly cell coverage, we work with Home Again to purchase chips and get them registered, we keep and maintain a web site with information for handling lost and found pets, we help with signage when a person is unable to do so, and we help out in rare situations in which a person may not have been able to keep a pet home without some assistance. Thankfully, we have had very few expenses in 2022. We do not pay or reimburse ourselves or our volunteers.

 To review our other required IRS filings, you can search the IRS database here.

To review our 2022 Annual Report, Click Here for a link to a PDF of our 2022 annual report.

To review our 2023 Annual Report, Click Here for a link to a PDF of our 2023 annual report.