Q: How do I submit a lost, found or wandering pet to the Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page?
A: Send a Facebook Messenger message to the Lost Pets of Omaha Area page administrators. You will need to send a description, an approximate location (such as cross-streets), a phone number to contact, and a photo is very helpful. Use this link to send the information.

Q: Can I submit the information without having my phone number published on-line?
A: If your pet is lost or has been found, then you must have a phone number in order to be contacted. If we learn that a pet in a post has been re-united, we do try to go back and remove the phone numbers from the post.

Q: What else can I do to find my lost pet?
A: After posting to the Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page, you should begin to put up signs in the area in which your pet is lost. Signage has been proven to be the most effective way to raise awareness. Signs should be VERY simple with big letters so that people driving by are able to read them easily from their vehicle. A simple, but effective sign would just have the word LOST in large letters, a clear photo, and your phone number in large numbers. If you sign has more than that, people will not pay attention to it. Next, be sure to look at our Search Tips page.

Q: How to I get access to the services provided by Lost Pets of Omaha Area?
A: All reasonable requests to have a pet posted on our Facebook page will be granted. Requests for extra services such as traps, signage, drone services, trail cams, etc. are dependent on two things. 1) Our volunteers are focused on keeping up the Facebook page and so have very limited time. 2) Searches and traps are only effective if a pet has been spotted in the same general area over a few days.

Q: I found a lost pet. I would like to get it scanned for a chip to find its owner?
A: A pet that has a chip can be re-united very quickly. Contact our page administrators via Facebook messenger. One of our page administrators will be glad to stop by to scan the pet. Also, most vets have scanners as do major pet stores.

Q: I found a pet that nobody has claimed. May I keep it?
A: It is illegal to rehome a found pet. You must place a found report with Nebraska Humane Society. You may hold the pet for 30 days after that report is filed while doing everything possible to find its owner… posting fliers, having the pet scanned for a chip, posting on lost pet pages, posting on neighborhood pages. If you can not hold the pet for 30 days it needs to be turned in to NHS. If the owner is not found in the 30 day hold period you can then keep the pet or find it a good home.
NOTE: You can be fined for not following these Nebraska Humane Society guidelines. 

Q. Why won’t Lost Pets of Omaha post my pet as stolen?
A. We are more than willing to list a pet as stolen, but only if you provide a police report proving that you reported it as stolen. Over the years, countless people have reported pets as stolen and almost 99% of the time, a police report is never provided to us, and the dog is suddenly found.

Q. Why can’t I have a reward posted on the Lost Pets site for finding my pet?
A. We never post rewards for finding a lost pet. In our past experience, posting a reward for a dog often results in dozens of people out driving around looking for the pet and/or chasing the pet in the hopes of easy money. All that does is to cause the pet to hide better, run farther away or run into traffic. We have personally seen chases result in tragedy. Second, the crazies may begin to call you, asking you to meet them to get your pet, knowing that you have brought reward money with you. You might get robbed or worse.