In July 2013, Cathy saw a lost dog and posted it on Craigslist. A person who had a lost dog thought it was their dog. His owner was an over-the-road trucker that lived in California. He stopped at a Gretna Wal-Mart for a break when their dog, Kuzik, bolted. His owner searched for him for several hours, but he had a tight schedule to keep. So Cathy volunteered to help out because he had to leave and needed somebody local to follow up on leads, and coordinate communications, putting up posters and organizing searches. As a result of the Kuzik search, it became clear that many others needed similar assistance in communications, posters and searches. So, Cathy created a Facebook page to publish lost, found and wandering pets in February 2013.

We are an all volunteer organization. Our primary expenses are related to purchasing/replacing live-traps, creating signage, trail cam cellular subscriptions, drone maintenance, website fees, and minor office expenses. We do not accept payments for our work in locating pets. So many people have insisted that they donate to our cause that we are now a 501c3 organization, only for the benefit of those donating.

In the Omaha metro area, there are multiple similar Facebook pages. Many of them are highly supportive of our work in that they re-post our content. Others are focused on areas surrounding metro Omaha. Unlike some of the other pages, we focus on keeping our page up-to-date. Our content is edited and tightly monitored to make it a very welcoming and safe place. Negative content is never allowed. Our two Facebook page administrators respond to messages and create postings throughout the day and late into the evening.

One other factor that distinguishes us from the others is our hands-on work in assisting with searches and signage. Searching for a lost pet depends a lot on if a pet has been seen frequently in the same area. In those cases, many of the tools we use have been successful. See our Search Tips page for more information.