How Can We Help You Today?

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Click the photo above for steps to help find your pet and to request a post on our Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page

Thank you for rescuing a pet! Click the photo above to go to our found action steps to get this pet home and to request a post on our Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page

Reports of stray pet sightings can help an owner that may be searching for their pet. Click the photo above to request a post on our Lost Pets of Omaha Area Facebook page

Don't Chase a Lost Dog...

Over the years, we have had the misfortune to see what happens when people chase a lost dog thinking it is possible to catch or corral them. A lost dog will run. The graphic to the left is from a Minneapolis group that focuses on finding lost dogs. They are called The Retrievers. Check out their Facebook page by clicking on the picture.

A Miracle!

Chub-Chubs the cat went missing in July 2022. This is why we keep hoping for other long time lost pets. One of our page followers found Chubs 2.5 miles from where she was lost. She seemed to be in pretty good shape. Nobody knows where she was all of that time. After a check-up at the vet, she is home staying warm and resting.

Have You Seen These Missing Pets?

These are just a *FEW* of the pets on our Facebook page that have been missing for a while. To see all of our Lost, Found and Wandering pets, go to our page HERE

What is Lost Pets of Omaha Area?

Lost Pets of Omaha Area is a 501c3 all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to get lost pets back home to their owners. Our primary effort is on our Facebook page in which we post lost, found and wandering pets. Most of our posts come from the Omaha NE area and surrounding communities. The web site that you are viewing is just another way for people to find us. The web site also contains information on action steps to take when dealing with a lost, found or a sighting of a stray pet.  

Why Lost Pets of Omaha Area?


Our Facebook page has over 54,000 followers. Many of those followers help match up lost and fund pets on our Facebook page, as well as across other lost pet pages. 

Judgement Free *

We have many Facebook page moderators who work various times during the day to review comments to keep things nice. (* sometimes we can't catch everyone)

Around for 9 Years

Our page started in February 2014. We are the "original" Lost Pets Facebook page. Dozens of others have created other pages, but none with 54,000 followers.

More Than Just Facebook

In addition to posting lost, found and wandering pets on Facebook, we are often able to help with live-traps, chip scanning, chip clinics, trail cams, drones and signage.

Updated Often

We try to keep our page updated and current. We receive about 150 posts a week, and almost 1,600 comments from our followers.


We are a 501c3 all-volunteer organization. Getting and maintaining a 501c3 takes work. However, our followers have asked us to help them out this way.

Nebraska Humane Society

We have built a great relationship with the Nebraska Humane Society. They often recommend our page when called. Our page is referenced on their website.


When messages are sent to us via Facebook Messenger, we have an average response time of less than 20 minutes and respond to all messages.